killer seduction , a poster about drugs.

typographical logo for Gd4 project,
a combination between the word Allah
and a silhouette of an angel , and the hand
that represents protection.

Kufi typography of the verse
"الخيل و الليل و البيداء تعرفني
و السيف و الرمح و القرطاس و القلم"

magazine cover for "la Vache"
a comic copy of " in touch"

cover for children's book, "les trois petits cochons"
made of vegetables and illustration .

HOW magazine a tribute to tarek atrissi.

the inside of the magazine

another spread of the magazine

a manual naskh arabic calligraphy (50*70cm)
during the workshop with Leipsic University-Germany
in beirut LU campus.

a combination of Arabic letters
to ma the silouette of an electric guitar
a poster during the ECUME workshop
LU campus Beirut.

Virtual spiritual magazine.

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